Become a SIREN Contributor

At SIREN we are constantly looking for fresh new talent to join our wonderful team in producing the unique and politically snazzy content you see on this website. Whether you are a writer, photographer or artist, SIREN could be the place for you to showcase your talent to the world. Our list is not exclusive by any means so if you feel like you have something unique that could make you a great asset to our team feel free to get in contact!

E-mail us with a short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to join us at SIREN to

Please include any relevant work or material to give us an idea of your talent.

Article Writing

The writing is the heart and soul of SIREN. As a political magazine we welcome people to write as they please as long as it is not derogatory towards any members of society. We want you to be able to express yourselves unapologetically. We want opinion pieces as much as we want informative articles. SIREN's aim is to work towards an increase in political participation through engaging and enticing people in current affairs and international politics.

Artistic Contribution

A huge part of SIREN is our image. We thrive off being unique and snazzy. For years we assimilate politics to be something dull and boring that is only suitable for the older generation. By having a youthful and vibrant image we feel will help us show everyone who we really are and what we represent. At SIREN, artistic contributors are just as important as our writers, whether it be illustrators, photographers or cartoonists.